Iglesia de Santa Maria de Cela - BUEU

Parish church from which a magnificent panorama can be seen. Romanesque style , it shows the type of churches ordered to be built by the order of the Sanjuanistas . It has a single ship that ends in a rectangular apse that a span of arches opens edge . They stand in the chancel two arches with curious figures in the bases and capitals . Outside, the access door is framed by two pointed archivolts , supported by bent columns in the jambs . It has a curious eardrum decorated with two lions flanking a hooded figure and three crosses.

Characteristics of Religious architecture

  • Centrico No
  • Distancia al centro 2 kms
  • Accesibilidad para discapacitados Yes
  • Cobran entrada No
  • You can visit during worship Yes
  • sur Exigencia proper dress No
  • Dejan sacar fotos o grabar videos Yes