Mercado de Abastos - PONTEVEDRA

The market of Pontevedra is situated on the banks of the Lerez river, it is an important revitalizing agent for the area, and a great number of commercial activities are developed here.
After 50 years working, in 2003 some alterations were made in the market by arquitect Cesar Portela. A subterranean car park with 2 floors was made under the building, and the market was reconstructed preserving the old facades and the interior staircase of stone.
The building is remarkable for its historic value, and for offering food of an excellent quality. The fish, flowers, and meat stalls are situated on the ground floor. The vegetables, fruits, meat, and cheese stalls are situated on the first floor. - See more at:

Characteristics of Civil architecture

  • Centrico Yes
  • Accessibility Yes
  • charge admission No
  • Dejan take pictures or record videos Yes