Mirador de San Sebastián [Brañas de Xestoso] - SILLEDA
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This natural area has a total area of ​​1,077 ha. With altitudes around 700 m. above sea level, the highest point being the Sebastian S. Couto Moalde. It included as more highlights the Chapel of St. Sebastian and the Lagoa Sacra, a place that combines nature and biodiversity, one of the water bodies most interesting winter of Galician wetlands.

Site of Community Importance (SCI). Special protection area values ​​treasured, because of the high interest of preserving communities, participating in the European project of the European Network 2000. It has an incalculable scientific value being a true record of the past.

The views and scenery are certainly beautiful and relaxing. From the highest point can easliy Santiago, A Estrada and all the Val de Trasdeza, which is a very important part of the districts of Deza and Tabeirós-Terra de Montes.