Museo del Mar de Galicia

The Museo do Mar de Galicia (Galician Museum of the Sea) has one of the most comprehensive permanent exhibitions in Vigo, which it combines with temporary exhibitions, always related to the world of the sea and fishing. This is the perfect place to learn about Vigo’s maritime history: fishing, seafood, aquaculture and conservation, from the primitive salting to the modern freezing methods, as well as technical advances regarding boats and marine biology.

The Italian architect Aldo Rossi visualized this beautiful museum based on the skeleton of the old cannery in Alcabre (later turned into the municipal slaughterhouse). Unfortunately, he died during the process so Galician architect César Portela had to take over; the result is a truly amazing architectural work of art worth visiting if only to get lost in its vertiginous triangular lines.


Tips and recommendations: 

In the museum’s aquarium, you’ll see the main ecosystems found in the Museum's own dock and the steep coast of the Cíes Islands.

While you have a drink in the Museum of the Sea’s tavern, you can contemplate the Castreño (Celtic) archeological site located in the area.