Paseo de A Calzada - CAMBADOS

A Calzada Path: The Path of A Calzada is the natural link between ancient villages of Fefiñáns and Cambados .
It was built in 1852 with stones from the old convent of San Francisco and later the trees were planted in 1855.
On the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of Don Quixote, was renamed by Cervantes Path, but finally, in the early '80s, returns to its original name.
On this path is situated, from March 2013, the Tourist Information Centre open all year long and there is a monument to the poet Ramón Cabanillas, sculpted in bronze by Francisco Asorey in 1960 and where, during the celebration in May  of  Galician Literature Day, a wreath is made by students of the different schools of the town, honored each year to the writer.

Characteristics of Squares and gardens

  • Centrica Yes
  • Pedestrian Yes