Paseo de los Gafos - PONTEVEDRA
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This park is a linear walk along the most urban stretch of the River of Gafos, a channel that comes from Vilaboa, crosses Tomeza and north of Salcedo area and into the town in the area Station buses.

In rural stretch the river is accompanied by a pleasant path all the way. In urban areas, the free space left by the intense building activity was converted into a linear park that part of the bridge Avda. De la Estación, through low Ponte Bowling (Av. De Vigo) and will give the park Campolongo .

All this travel is indeed a leafy path that runs on both sides of the river, supported by wooden walkways to allow the passage, and a very appropriate lighting for a cozy imbricated in the town as this natural area. From there, the Gafos runs below the urbanization of Campolongo, to be reborn at the height of Avenida Rosalia Castro, where there is a practicable way before last end, in the Corbaceiras.

In this last stretch of the route, two bridges and several traditional buildings give us an idea of ​​what this river once, when constituted one of the most famous photos of the city, with women washing in its waters.

Characteristics of Walking routes

  • Path environment Among shadows , stuck to the river , with resting places