Plaza del Teucro - PONTEVEDRA

The square was created in the 18th century. According to legend, following the Trojan war, Teucer, the Greek archer and half brother of Ajax, travelled to the west and founded the city of Pontevedra. This myth was promoted by the elite in the Renaissance to give the town prestige. The square is made up of elegant aristocratic mansions, such as those of Gago and Montenegro (North), Pazo de San Román (South) and Pazo del Marqués de Aranda (East). This was one of the most noble squares in the city, and even today it retains many of the aristocratic homes that surrounded it in the 17th and 18th Centuries. In addition, this square is also a fine example of the rich heraldry of Pontevedra. The house known as Gago y Montenegro on northern side of the square is perhaps the outstanding example; not only is it the largest, it is an authentic gem of Galician Baroque from the 17th century. 


Characteristics of Squares and gardens

  • Centrica Yes
  • Pedestrian Yes