Xardíns de Vicenti - PONTEVEDRA
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It is a set with three distinct areas, with separate from the other two (the garden of Eduardo Vincenti and Paseo de las Palmeras) by the pedestrian promenade of Montero Rivers and buildings of Valle Inclán Institute Alameda, the Provincial Government and the Department of Education.

The set forms the typical urban space born in the early twentieth century, when the city walls were demolished and an urban expansion outside those limits occurs. Where was the orchard of the Convent of San Domingos were constructed Avenue and Alameda, which reached the first houses of the old Moureiras and the headquarters of San Fernando, Faculty of Fine Arts today.

In the spacious walk Montero Rios find some interesting buildings like the Palace of the council, the Valle-Inclán Institute and the Department of Education and by the adjoining Plaza de Spain, the Government Office, the Town Hall and Gardens Doctor Marescot.

The Alameda officially named after the architect Sesmeros. At the end opposite the Town Hall will see the monument Heroes Sampaio Bridge built in 1911 to commemorate the victory in this town on the Napoleonic Topas in 1808. The rest keeps the earth floor with wide avenues bordered by rows of Ameneiros, bananas and oaks.

Between the institute and the deputation we found the grounds of Columbus with a beautiful rose garden and the emblematic camellias. A splendid palm trees and magnolias walk leads to the Vicenti Gardens. A beautiful place where tree species of great presence as the cedars of Lebanon, holly and yew, along with small gardens, make beautiful spots to sit and read or enjoy the scenery. Rounding out the beautiful gardens a playground, several aviaries and bird ponds.

Characteristics of Squares and gardens

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