Convento de San Francisco (actual iglesia parroquial) - CAMBADOS

San Francisco Convent (present parish church): Founded under the Franciscan order and placed under the patronage of the Immaculate Conception by natural marriage from Villaxoán of Juan Daval and María Pérez in 1588.

This was a Franciscan convent, until in 1835, with the seizure, the building became the property of the state and the monks had to leave the convent.

The building was then converted into barracks for military training, the first battalion of Salnés, and later in school and jail. It was finally demolished and the stones of the courts and other rooms were used for  A Cazada Path, to San Tomé Mall  and to pave the road that leads to the convent,  nowadays, Padre Peña street.

The church replaced the old parish church of Santa Mariña. Inside you can find the tombs of their founders Juan Daval and María Perez, sailor Gothic, Renaissance features also presented. It has a single nave with two chapels with vaults in the side of the Gospel.

Of note is the facade with multiple representations, five wounds Franciscan figures of Adam and Eve, each located within a shell, the representations of the founders in prayer position and shield of Figueroa.

We can also see a cross next to the access door to the church, which is a tribute to José Antonio Primo de Rivera and the soldiers of Franco, fallen during the civil war.